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Estate Sale/Buy Out

Our 12 year history at LAO as well as our experienced, honest, solid team of professionals will put your mind at ease. Collectively we have over 100 years of experience in Estate sales as well as different options to choose from.
  • LAO Estate Sale. LAO staff, LAO credit card machine, LAO check approval, LAO system for sales and all of the above risk at LAO’s expense. LAO’s top notch advertising and email list of customers, dealers and all of our Tax ID customers attending your sale. We draw the crowds and ensure success. We do what is best (the most money) for our customer, either at the sale, on the internet or with our high end auctioneer. The more money we earn for you the better as we work on a flat commission.
  • We also buy out smaller estates which eliminates the pedestrian traffic in your home.
  • LAO also has an inexpensive way to conduct your own estate sale. We set a fee and tell you where to advertise, how to set up your sale, how many people to staff and then assist you with pricing your items.

NEVER order a dumpster until after we see everything. You’d be surprised at what sells.

Buying Days

The second Saturday of the month we offer our customer the opportunity to sell their items to our qualified dealers.
You may bring pictures and descriptions of the items or the actual item.

July 12th August 9th September 13 October 11th November 8th

Appraisal Days

Fall 2014 to be announced.